Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Story I Wrote

This is a under-300-words story I wrote for Sparknotes Writer Wars. Although I wrote several stories for Writer Wars, this is my favorite. I just felt like throwing this out there for you all (meaning, I don't have any posts written and this was the first thing I thought of). The prompt was to write a story (300 words or less!) from the perspective of an inanimate object. My story (UNTITLED!):

We finished practicing and he tucked me in his coat, laying his hand over me. I felt safe (I know it’s strange for a gun to ever not feel safe, but it’s happened).
As he walked, I daydreamed of hunting in the forest. I was ready. So ready, baby.
But I didn’t see the forest when he took me out.
We were on a street. I sat in his arms and watched the people. A little kid, his blonde hair flopping on his forehead with every step, ran by. Boy, he could consume ice cream (mostly chocolate) faster than I could spit out a bullet on my best day. His mother walked slowly behind him, but when she saw him nearing the road, she kicked off her heels and ran to him.
I felt a tickle then, like a feather rubbed against my insides, a sneeze about to erupt within. The trigger.
I looked to my master. His teeth showed, but it was no smile. It was like looking at the smile of a shark, knowing that if you can see it, you’re too close.
His hand went cold. Staring into his eyes… Anger. Anger so hot it had gone cold. He had been under the scolding hot water for too long. His skin, too broken to heal anymore, had grown numb to its effect. He had no control.
I didn’t… NO.
He pointed me at them. And my belly lurched as the first bullets escaped my mouth.
Running. Everyone was running. But there on the sidewalk. A pair of heels. And a chocolate ice cream, melting into his hair now, mixing and turning his hair a sick crimson-ish color. The color of death, of dirt and red clay.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
I’m sorry.
Bloody Sunday. The song by U2 (and the
cover by Paramore!) inspired this story.
I may want to edit that up some, but oh well for now!
I would love to read a story from you all too! Maybe even something about an inanimate object? (;  


  1. Neat perspective! I'm digging the allusion in the second-to-last sentence :)