Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happiness Cry: A Letter to God

Reminder: Ashley is the codename for a former best friend of mine. Former friend because of a fight. Our fight centered on not listening. Since then, I’ve realized a lot of my faults in the fight. I wrote this letter after the majority of the drama had disappeared.  (Also, the P.S. is a part of the letter.)

April 26, 2011

Dear God,

I feel like all I’ve been talking to You about lately is my issues and how terrible everything is. I don’t think everything is terrible. In fact, there are a lot of things that I really think are good and awesome. I’m going to go through some of them (by the way, some of them are people):

Hope. Thank You for Hope. She is a really good friend. She helps me with my issues and supports me in my walk with You. Without her this year I know that I wouldn’t be where I am in my walk with You; I would probably still be back at the nun thing. Seriously, though, I wouldn’t have grown as much as I have.

The sky. As Jesse (youth pastor) was saying how You gave us some things just for us to enjoy, I agree. The sky didn’t have to be blue or orange-y or reddish pink or purple (like it is right now where the sun is going down). Thank You for making the sky beautiful, even when it’s storming.

Clementine. She is a wonderful friend too. She listens to what I have to say, even when I’m rambling about
Hoagie (old crush of mine) or something I read. She also has great faith. And she invited me to Bible Study in the mornings! Thank You! Without her I would never have gone to Bible Study at school. I wouldn’t know Meredith or Maddie or Drew or Ben or Micah (why are there so many M names?). I never would’ve met some of these people since they’re seniors. Thank You for Clementine. Thank You that I have a friend like her. Someone who listens and encourages and comforts and so much more. Thank You that she invited me to Bible Study in the mornings.

Bible Study. Both the one at school and the one at church. Thank You for so much Christian support! Oh, I’m overflowing with love for everyone. Thank You! Thank You for Stacy, Cassandra, Gabrielle, Brogan, Maddie, Meredith, Drew, Hollis, Micah, Kenzie, and everyone else! Thank You for great lessons and teaching, for bonding and friendship, and for that comfort and support I’ve needed so badly these past couple months especially.

Hoagie. Okay, so I’m not just including him because I like him. I’m pretty sure You know that but just to make sure I had to say it. He really inspires me to be a better person. He just does some of those little things that I know I should do, but never actually do. (Now this next part is only because I like him, but whatever. ) I think I step out more faith because of him. Sometimes I feel like I’ll tell him about it and impress him. Of course, I don’t talk to him all that much so…yeah, that doesn’t happen, but still. Thank You for him. Thank You that I noticed his Not a Fan bracelet and his green shoes and wanted to get to know him. Thank You for just giving me the opportunities to get to know him.

Thank You for all my friends; I never thought I had so many people that really cared about me. Thank You for the simple pleasures and all those stupid things that lift me right up. Thank You for always being there. Thank You that I’m not in charge. I…oh. I would be such a mess; I wouldn’t even be recognizable. Thank You for everything. There are so many things that I didn’t even mention in this, but I thank You for all those things too.


P.S. I’ve never cried from happiness before. Today was the first time. After writing this (I wrote this like ten minutes ago) I decided to write some story ideas. I thought of how thankful I am that I have the ability to write and to write (what I think) is decently good. It made me start crying! Thank You so much! So I said while I was crying (like three minutes ago) that I wish I could hug You. Then, You know, I pictured hugging Jesus. That would be so awesome! Then I thought of hugging YOU, like You the Father. Is that possible? To hug You? Now? I love You.

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