Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Terrible Poem/Letter to God

I used to believe I was a fairly good poet. I wasn’t. And I’m still not. But this is less of a poem and more of a promise in stanzas. I like the formatting of poems, so I’m keeping it that way. (By the way, this is a Letter to God/letter to Ashley about everything that was happening with Ashley.) Here you go:

April 23, 2011

I won’t stand by
While you drive yourself away
From everything you are,
Or at least everything good you
Used to be.
You can leave God
But he will not leave you.
You can drive yourself away
From us
But we refuse to be lost.

I won’t stand by
While you lose yourself
In this world
And everything it deems
I will be there,
Pushing you to remember
All that is truly
Good and pure.
Everything that is not of
This world.

I won’t stand by
While you play by the edge
Of the cliff.
You may be “stable” now,
But eventually
You will lose your step
And fall.

I won’t stand by.
I don’t care how much you hate me.
I will not stand and watch
Your life crumble.
I will speak up.
I will say all that none have ever
Dared to say before.
I will not stand by,
Instead I will stand up.
I will not shut up,
Instead I will speak out.

I will not leave,
Even when you push me away
I will remain there for you,
Until there is no you
To be there for.
I pray it won’t come to that,
Not while you are drowning yourself
In the ways of this world.

So know
That I won’t stand by
And do nothing
While you run away
From the only true love ever known.

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