Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Creative Writing Club: Living Life Backwards

Hi, welcome (or welcome back) to Creative Writing Club! This series details the activities we have done at my school's Creative Writing Club and gives them to you to serve as inspiration. Feel free to participate and to post what you've written.

Yesterday, I gave you all the first part of this week’s Creative Writing Club. Today, I give you the second part:

Write something happening backwards. For instance, a city being unbuilt, a volcano unerupting, or weather erecting a city.

This is what I wrote:

The man slumps out of his grave, unkempt, memoryless. He slips, like a salmon, into the stream of his life, bouncing off of rocks he should’ve seen coming. His scar unwinds and oozes blood anew until he never hit his head on the rock in the first place. He sees his wife grow shallow, distant, until they get married and until they start dating and he never sees her again. But she was from his hometown, wasn’t she? So all  through his youth, he searches for the straight, long--was it long when she was young?--hair of his wife. But, didn’t she straighten her hair? Then or now? He searches until he loses control of his own ability, until he cannot keep his eyes open, until he erases back into his mother’s womb.

So I tried to play on the concepts of undeath, unlife, unbirth.

Now, it’s your turn! If you write something, feel free to post it.

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